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I'm Vince Buffalo, a Ph.D. candidate in Graham Coop's lab studying evolutionary and population genetics at UC Davis in the Center for Population Biology. Previously, I worked as a bioinformatician at the UC Davis Genome Center and in the Dubcovsky and Ross-Ibarra labs. I wrote Bioinformatics Data Skills published by O'Reilly Media in July 2015. I use statistics, probability, and computers to learn about evolution. » read more

On this website, you can read my blog the blind play of genes, read about my research, or explore my digital notes.

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Graham Coop, Steve Mount, and my preprint A Genealogical Look at Shared Ancestry on the X Chromosome has been recently been posted on bioRxiv. In the spirit of both outreach and continuing Graham’s terrific series of blog posts1 on genetic genealogy ...

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